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Do you have a unique article and are interested in having it published here at OnCondado.com? Great! We are always looking for great content to publish on our site.

Write for Us - Submissions Welcome!

OnCondado is a magazine for owners and visitors to Condado de Alhama golf resort and we welcome submissions across a variety of subjects from experienced and new writers.

We publish news, articles and information that are in the interests of anyone who visits Condado de Alhama, that is our focus but it also includes local and regional Spanish news topics.

The type of writer we look for are;

  • Bloggers or travel enthusiasts willing to write about their interests.
  • Local business owners who organise regular events or promotions.
  • Local groups or association managers who want to share news about their organisation.
  • Service professionals willing to give helpful and useful advice in their field.
  • Journalists or hobby writers keen to get their work published.

If this sounds like you then lets get started! You can use your iDevice to upload your posts quickly and easily.

Post Easily Using Your iPhone or iPad

Follow the steps below to create your account and setup the WordPress app, you will need this to start sending  submissions. A tutorial is provided to show you how to use the app to create your post and add images.

OK, let’s get started…

Create an Account and request Author Access

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Install & Setup WordPress for iPhone and iPad
  • Using your mobile device visit the App Store and use the search function to find and download the latest official version of WordPress by the publisher Automatic. It's free to download.
  • After installation open the app to begin setup.
  • Select Add Self-Hosted Site from the options presented.
  • Login using the Username/Email and Password that you set previously in Step #1
  • In the Site Address (URL) field enter www.oncondado.com.
  • Tap on Add Site to authenticate.

The following video will guide you through the installation and setup process.

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You are now ready to start creating great posts and uploading photos. This video will show you how.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we get asked about contributing to the website;

Can I write a regular blog?
Yes, absolutely! We welcome regular contributions to our site. The only criteria is that you write about Condado de Alhama related topics, or topics based on the local area or Spain in general.
Will all my posts get published?
No. We hope to publish as many contributions as we can but if your post does not contain enough useful information or is not suited to our website then it will not get published.
Will my posts be moderated or reviewed before publication?
Yes, all submitted posts are held and reviewed. This is not so much about censorship but the desire to keep all content at a minimum standard. We will check all posts before they are published and make amendments where necessary to ensure it suitable for our website.
Do I need to provide photo's or images in my posts?
If you can provide photo's or related imagery that is great, our website needs good images to look its best! But don't be put you off submitting something because you don't have photo's. You will have access to our media library which may already have suitable images to choose from, otherwise the Administrator will look to add something before it's published.
Will I get credit for the content I publish?
Yes. You will show as the Author of the work. In addition to that, you may include a sentence or two at the end of your post crediting yourself, for example 'This article has been provided by John Smith who is a freelance blogger at www.yoursite.com'
Will I get paid?
No. At the moment all content is provided on a non-payment basis.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • The article should have over 300 words.
  • The article must be relevant to our site, i.e. Condado de Alhama, local area or Spanish news or culture.
  • The article must be your own unique.
  • You should include images that you have permission to use.
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