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Condado de Alhama Board of Presidents 2018

Condado de Alhama Board of Presidents 2018

As all owners will be aware the AGM (Annual General Meeting) was held over the weekend of the 9th, 10th and 11th of February. This important event is held to give all owners the opportunity to hear what the currently elected board of Presidents have outlined for the year ahead and to have a chance to raise questions or objections to those plans.

This years AGM was held on-site at The Condado Club, which many felt was a great way to include as many people as possible. Previous years AGM’s have been held off-site and those who attended this year felt it was a very well handled event.


Another change this year was each meeting being live streamed via Facebook. This proved to be a very useful feature welcomed by many who cannot attend the meeting in person but who want to be involved in the process. While the live video feeds did experience some slight technical issues this advancement in communication to owners is definitely something that should be included in all future AGM’s.

One important aspect of all AGM’s if to determine who will become the new level 3 Presidents and represent their respective communities this year. Votes are collated either by proxy or by voting on the day and the final results are counted to determine the results of each community election.

That process has now been completed and a full list of each Level 3 President can be found here.

Everyone who put their name forward to be elected deserves a thank you and congratulations to every newly elected or re-elected President or Vice President guys, the work you will do for your owners is greatly appreciated.

The community of owners seem to have enjoyed the work being done by the 2017 board of Presidents as the Level 1 and Level 2 Presidents mostly remain in their positions, so well done to those guys.

A thank you should also be given to any outgoing presidents or vice presidents for all the time you volunteered in the past year.


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