Water Shortage May Affect Condado Residents

Water Shortage in the Murcia Region
Water Shortage in the Murcia Region

The following message has been issued by Mileniun Levante concerning a water shortage;

As has been mentioned in previous Newsletters, the irrigation of water is a problem in the whole Region of Murcia and as such it is also affecting the Condado de Alhama resort.

The national body that administers and regulates the water is ACUAMED ;  our the water is supplied from the salt filter of Valdelentisco and the máximum volume we have been receiving was 4.800 m3.  The unusually dry situation within the Region has consequently forced the suppliers to give priority to  Agriculture industry, to the detriment of all other users. Since Monday 13th June the flow we have been receiving is 2.760 m3 to be shared among the golf course, proprietors of the community and the urban entity, therefore it is insufficient for the maintenance of all the areas

On Monday 13th June we held a meeting with the Mayor – Secretary and Council Engineering. The purpose of the meeting was to encourage them to make contact ACUAMED.  We will have another meeting on next Wednesday (22nd June) with the Director of the organization. However, the news everyone is hearing from the local press is making us away that unfortunately this is complicate issue and not easy to solve.

We will continue to look for options to this crisis but have no option at present to reduce water consumption, which we have been doing already since last Friday.

ACUAMED has not notified us of a recommendation to reduce the use of water, they merely indicate that the demand for water is greater than supply but they cannot refuse the supply to consumers.

Soon, we will have to take necessary urgent actions, in coordination with the Board.  All others definitive and general solutions will be taken to the AGM for your consideration to be approved by the owners.

For more information about ACUAMED visit their website at www.acuamed.eswww.acuamed.es

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