Volunteers Required For Project Committees

Here is a message from Level 1 President Alan Burge regarding the creation of 22 committees to help deliver ongoing resort projects.

Committees to Help Deliver Ongoing Projects

Dear owners,

“The board of presidents is seeking volunteers to take part in various workstreams to help improve facilities in the Condado community. A list of these is attached.

Each will be managed by a committee led by a coordinator who will report to one of the board presidents.

While we prefer volunteers with technical knowledge of the area concerned, this is not essential in most cases. However conflicts of interest must be avoided.

In general the maximum number of members of each committee will be five but where necessary this may be changed.

Our guideline preference is one person from each of the five areas (Jardin I, Jardin II, Naranjos I, Naranjos II, La Isla) and we hope for a good mix of nationalities on each committee.

This is an opportunity for you to help make a real difference to the community.

Please reply to alhama@admiburgos.com stating which workstream you are interested in, or if you do not have a preference but would like to be involved, just say ‘no preference’.

Replies to be received by 29 August 2017

1 Painting – Inner ring
2 Ventilation to voids – Inner ring
3 Security (operations)
4 Security equipment (Hardware)
5 Pool gates
6 Administrators tender
7 Internet & TV issues (Cable Murcia)
8 Access control and traffic management (Cable Murcia)
9 New irrigation pipe
10 Water reduction and storage programme
11 Aesthetics/Town hall Licences
12 Fiesta
13 La Isla lake
14 Procurement (T&Cs/MSA’s)
15 AGM 2018
16 Lighting bollard replacement
17 Contracts
18 Gardening & Cleaning (STV)
19 Energy
20 Legal issues
21 Whole life cycle costs (5 year forward budget planning)
22 Committee on internal rules and sanction procedure
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