Update from the Board of Presidents – October 20th 2018

Update from the Board of Presidents

The following is an email sent to owners by the Board of Presidents on 20th October 2018. If you are not receiving emails remember to update your details with the administration.

Update from the Board of Presidents


Admiburgos have been acting as our administrators since the departure of Mileniun on 30th May 2017. Based in the Al Kazar next to Sparkle, Admiburgos have acted with complete transparency and professionalism, and have helped the community through a very difficult transition period.

You can contact them by emailing alhama@admiburgos.com or calling +34 868 089 724 during working hours.

The 24H Emergency number is +34 690 81 55 93

Unfortunately a great deal of essential information and documents have not been passed over from Mileniun in the timescales that were required.

The unnecessary delay has caused a lot of extra work for Admiburgos and hampered a clean transition For example, lack of accounts information for previous years is preventing the production of accurate accounts.

Because this essential information is now seriously overdue we have issued a Burofax as the first stage of legal action to recover it.

Polaris World

As we reported at the AGM earlier this year, and you may have read in the local media, Polaris went into administration and they currently still owe the community more than 775,000 euros.

This debt will continue to rise until the bankruptcy situation is resolved. We are unable to do anything about this at present, but must plan for the situation where we must write off some if not all of this debt as unrecoverable.


The board of presidents had sought volunteers to take part in various workstream committees to help improve facilities in the Condado community. We had a good response and these committees are now set up and many have already met and starting to make a difference.

Committees enable residents and owners to have an input into the community, can make use of owners’ expertise and expand transparency on decision making.

A brief update from some of the committees is listed here:

Gardening – First committee meeting has taken place. Review of contracts required. Review of operating methods required. Decided: STV to produce maintenance schedule prior to carrying out work and allow access where needed.

Water saving – First committee meeting has taken place. Systems of new landscaping

Energy – Not yet met, but initial information being gathered to inform a lightbulb replacement strategy

Internal Rules (and aesthetics) – First committee meeting has taken place. Review being carried out by committee members.

Administration tender – First committee meeting has taken place. Due diligence documentation prepared. Project plan being prepared.

Security hardware – Committee has not yet met.

Security Operations – Many committee meetings have taken place. Protocols have been reviewed. Many meetings with Securitas. Updates in operation being implemented.

TV and internet – Committee has not yet met

Fiesta – Committee has not yet met

Procurements and Contracts – First committee meeting has taken place. Initial review of STV and Securitas contracts. Issues with legality of STV contract. Securitas contract finishing next year.


We should shortly be able to launch the new website for Condado. This website will provide the facility for each Level 3 president to communicate direct to the owners they represent without being censored or delayed in communicating as had happened in the past. Future communication from all presidents and all levels will be using the new system.

As well as updated news and general information, the website will also provide the facility to register your car details and make direct payments with a payment card via paypal. We are also looking at ways to use the website for voting at the AGM next year. Some of this and other functionality may be phased in over time.

At present the website is being tested by an external contractor, who is working directly with the website provider to ensure it is stable and user friendly before being launched to the community.

Painting (Inner Ring)

After research and many reports from owners we have confirmed that the resort painting programme is not of the standard required. Technical issues concerning ventilation of the voids under apartments coupled with concern over the quality of painting have resulted in delays whilst we undertake the necessary reviews. Steps are being taken to resolve these and related issues, but we as a board will ensure that all owners will have their properties painted in due course.

Financially we have a situation where the painting fund was not managed as agreed by Mileniun. At the AGM they confirmed that payments would go into a separate bank account, but this was not the case and they were paid into a general account. Because of the lack of visibility, we have now spent more on the painting than the payments received.

.We are sure the community would not want us to continue spending their funds until we are certain the technical issues are resolved and the quality of workmanship is correct.


The accounts are being reviewed by Admiburgos, but as previously noted, without full accounts from previous years this is proving very difficult.

We are running out of time to provide exact accounting to the community for the close of the financial year, hence why we need to explore legal routes to obtain outstanding information.

Across the 5 Level 2 communities (J1/J2/N1/N2/La Isla) and in addition to the Polaris debt already detailed, we currently have around [removed] euros of debt owed to us by owners (1.6m if we include the Polaris debt). This represents an increase of around [removed] euros in 6 months from December 2016. Further, a bill for [removed] euros in legal fees has recently been notified to us by the previous administration. It is apparent from this that the previous systems of debt recovery were expensive and ineffective.

The board is exploring new avenues to recover debt that will get better results without incurring inflated legal expenses.

Urban entity – Ongoing works

There are currently three projects being undertaken on Condado related to the Urban Entity. These are being funded via an insurance policy (Bond) between the council of Alhama and the banks.

All works being undertaken have been contracted by the town hall of Alhama. These are:


Repair, conditioning and execution of sanitation networks and pumping wells in the Urbanization of Condado de Alhama


360,637.27 euros plus VAT

OP 22-16 – Link to construction documents (Spanish)


Improvements to the supply network for potable water supply to the Urbanization of Condado de Alhama


125.509,65 euros plus VAT

OP: 16-16 – Link to download documents in Spanish


Tender of works contract. Modified execution project in the leisure area of the urbanization “La Isla” in Condado de Alhama


€ 987,611.92 plus VAT

OP: 10-16 – Link to download documents in Spanish

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