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Two Much Loved Pets killed in One Week by Speeding Drivers

The following message was posted by Caroline Jones of Condado Cats and Kittens T.N.R as speeding drivers have become an issue for some again recently.

We have had a horrendous couple of weeks with our beautiful fur balls!! Four beautiful cats have gone over rainbow bridge!!

Two weeks ago Fluffy had to be put to sleep and then last Saturday (31st March) Chicka, who was Fluffy’s mother, was run over by a speeding driver. On Sunday another owners cat was run over at 10.am which was witnessed by security, a car speeding down the road heading towards the Golf Club. He was killed outright and his owners informed.

I would like to thank the security guard and Christine Pearson Hanstveit for their help on Sunday morning I would of been lost without your help.

Chicka was struck by a speeding car.
Chicka was struck by a speeding car.


Speed Limit on Condado de Alhama is 30km/h!

If motorists drove at the appropriate speed and slowed down some of these accidents could be avoided. I see it every day, not just holidaymakers speeding but people who live on site full time.

What does it take, a child or adult to step off the pavement and be knocked down before they realize speed kills!!!

As Annette said when they have to be put to sleep they take a little bit of your heart with them!

These pets are our family and we love them, PLEASE be more considerate when driving around Condado!!

After being knocked down Chicka dragged herself to where Annette Sellers lived as she knew she would be safe and Annette would look after her! Annette, Tiffanie Gill, Terry and Jane Lyman have been feeding Chicka and Fluffy since their owner abandoned them when she returned to England a few years ago!!

I called the emergency vet from Pets Care on Al Kasar. Mario the vet took Chicka to the surgery for examination and to check how bad her injuries were.

Unfortunately Chicka had two very bad hip fractures and internal injuries. Chicka would never have been able to walk let alone chase rabbits and enjoy the rest of her life living around Jardin 13-10.

Again a very hard decision to make but the kindest and best for Chicka, when her little face is looking at you begging for help it is so upsetting for all concerned!! Even more so when people who have taken the time to feed her and show her love and affection are also involved and you have to break the news to them.

R.I.P. little ones xxxxxxx


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