Town Hall Offers Condado de Alhama a Pharmacy

The Association de Vecinos y Propietarios de Condado de Alhama, also known as the AVPCA, have been working tirelessly to obtain more public services for Condado de Alhama.

In their latest announcement on Facebook, the AVPCA are asking owners to agree to a Town Hall proposition to provide a Pharmacy to the community.

The AVPCA have been arguing that the number of full time residents plus the additional increase of habitation throughout Condado de Alhama during the summer holiday months means there is a pressing need to have a pharmacy available.

Health facilities were part of the original Polaris plans which unfortunately did not materialise so the proposition of having a pharmacy on the doorstep would seem a welcome one. But there are concerns that what is being offered falls well short of what is needed and may be a bad deal in the long run.


The issue is that a pharmacy cannot be located within the gated community and must sit in a public area and Condado de Alhama is not short of public space outside but it is short of suitable building and amenities that could house medical facilities.

However, the recent completion of the recreational park outside La Isla is being offered as a solution. The Town Hall have offered a 37m2 building within the gated but public park to be used as a satellite pharmacy facility. It was intended to be a sports equipment storage building but they are proposing it be adapted to be used as a pharmacy.

The building on the right is being proposed to house a pharmacy.

The Ministry of Health has given the green light to a pharmacy to be located in the Urban Entity and the Pharmaceutical Management of the Region of Murcia are said to be willing to carry out conditioning of the premises at no cost to owners.

The Board of Presidents and Administration object to this proposal and have pushed the Town Hall for a more suitable alternative but the AVPCA are asking owners to support locating a pharmacy inside the recreational park.

The decision to proceed with this is urgent and the AVPCA are looking for maximum engagement to push this through. If you support this proposition and wish to see a pharmacy setup in the suggested unit within the recreational park them email the AVPCA and your garden president to register your support.


You can find you garden president and their contact details on this list.

Alternatively, do you support the Board of Presidents view that our community should be pushing for alternative location of a pharmacy? If so, do nothing now and wait to see how their own negotiations pan out.


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