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The Story Behind Spain’s Black Roadside Bulls

You might have noticed the black silhouetted bulls alongside Spain’s motorways, but what’s the story behind this Spanish icon?

This post by Condado Invest helps us to understand their origins

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The bulls were born in 1956 as a straightforward advertisement by Osborne Sherry for their ‘Veteran Brandy’.
In 1994, Spain’s roads department started a crackdown of roadside advertising, putting the Osborne bulls in jeopardy.

The Spanish government planned to tear them down, but a public outcry ensued and a ‘save the bulls’ campaign launched.

The bulls had become such an entrenched part of Spanish culture, the government eventually agreed to keep them, but all advertising was blacked out.

Today, from the over 500 original Osborne bulls, 91 remain. The largest proportion (23 in total) is located in Andalusia, while Castilla y León has 14 and Valencia, 11.

You can see one of them on the way to Alicante Airport! Just beautiful!

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