The ‘New’ Master Plan at Condado de Alhama

Mirador del Condado Show Home - Photo by Mark Needham

Recently, I came across a website selling new build property on Condado de Alhama. This is not unusual, new builds are happening and many onsite and off-site agents are trying to sell them, but something I found within the listing was of interest.

What I discovered was a map showing what is described as a ‘masterplan’ for Condado de Alhama. It doesn’t appear to be the same masterplan set out by Polaris when the resort was built in 2008!

The website I found was Murcia Golf Properties (MPG) who are offering the new front line golf apartments in the new development known as ‘Mirador del Condado‘.

Mirador del Condado Show Home - Photo by Mark Needham
Photo provided by Mark Needham – Condado de Alhama Owners Group on Facebook.

For anyone who is familiar with the resort you will know this is the stretch of land adjacent to the penthouse apartments and the lake, which is directly opposite Al Kasar and the main entrance. It’s a great location, having the amenities so close and fantastic views out over the golf course and lake.

A show home is nearing completion and I’m sure they will sell well but what about this master plan I mentioned previously.

Well, here it is;

What this map shows is fairly large scale development of nearly all the unused building land inside the complex.

We know about the villa’s being built on the old football pitches by Solomon Homes and the constuction of Mirador del Condado apartments but it looks as though villas or apartments will also be built all along the other side of the inner ring road opposite the Jardines, stretching past Jardine 1.

The plan shows the road layout and it appears to be a well thought out plan to build thousands of new homes at Condado de Alhama.

What is also of particular interest is the plan to develop land past the Naranjos and Penthouse apartments, between the two unused security gates. If this plan is completed new homes will be built right into the golf course, next to the practice area.

Some areas are still showing as being undeveloped, these seem to correspond to areas opposite The Condado Club and between the Golf club that may be earmarked for commercial development. If many more new properties are to be built then the need for more commercial space will increase.

This all sounds exciting doesn’t it?

The opening of the new Region de Murcia airport seems to have brought with it a new lease of life for Condado de Alhama and the region as a whole. Lets hope the new Master Plan is indeed a new Master Plan that can be completed so that Condado de Alhama gets to be the what it was always meant to me, a top class golf resort.

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