Take a Walk around Historic Mula and Fuente Caputa

View from the castle over Mula

Today I visited the town of Mula and a natural water feature called Fuente Caputa. This makes for a good day trip out.

Visit the historical and colorful town of Mula, take a walk up to the castle for stunning views over the town.

Then check out the colorful Town Hall square.

It is famous for the tamboradas (drumming processions) held during the Holy Week. Tamboradas are a tradition in the area.

Saturday a weekly market is held.

Then head a few kilometers’s north outside of Mula and visit Fuente Caputa, a beautiful stream that feeds a larger pool area, it feeds the flow of the Rambla Perea, continuing its course until it flows into the Mula River.

To take a short 4 minute stroll around the attractions at Mula & Fuente Caputa  take a moment to watch my YouTube video below. 
Mula Town
Fuente Caputa
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