Is Your Contact Information Up To Date?

Property owners, are your contact details up to date? We would like to remind all owners to take a moment to update their contact details if they have changed or you have not been receiving emails from the community recently. Since the transfer of Administration in June from Mileniun Levante to Admiburgos, there are still a […]

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Getting In Touch With Your Garden President

Every garden, or sub community, within the Condado de Alhama Golf Resort has an elected President. These people make up the Level 3 Presidents that together they will oversee the management of the resort. Your President should be your first point of contact to raise any concerns, issues or to make suggestions about the garden […]

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Mileniun Levante Live Chat

Live Chat with Mileniun Levante

In order to make communication with owners easier and faster, Mileniun Levante have introduced a Live Chat function on their website. Using this feature will connect you directly to an available agent in a live chat session where you can ask questions, report problems or get information. Click on this link to go to the webpage […]

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