Board of Presidents

Condado de Alhama Board of Presidents 2018

Welcome to the New Board of Presidents

As all owners will be aware the AGM (Annual General Meeting) was held over the weekend of the 9th, 10th and 11th of February. This important event is held to give all owners the opportunity to hear what the currently elected board of Presidents have outlined for the year ahead and to have a chance to […]

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Hot Tubs & Spas are Prohibited on Condado de ALhama

Hot Tubs & Spas Are Prohibited

A site wide communication regarding the installation of temporary and permanently installed hot tubs and spas throughout Condado de Alhama. Following site-wide communications last year, the Board of Presidents again would like to remind residents that both temporary and permanently installed hot tubs/spas are not permitted on Condado de Alhama. The only exception would be […]

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Update from the Board of Presidents

Update from the Board of Presidents – October 20th 2018

The following is an email sent to owners by the Board of Presidents on 20th October 2018. If you are not receiving emails remember to update your details with the administration. Administration Admiburgos have been acting as our administrators since the departure of Mileniun on 30th May 2017. Based in the Al Kazar next to […]

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