Annual General Meeting

Condado de Alhama AGM 2019

2019 AGM Dates Are Announced

The dates for the Condado de Alhama 2019 AGM have been announced by the Board of Presidents. Owners are asked to note the following dates in their calendar; Jardin 2 (covering Jardine 7 to 13) – Friday 15th Feb at 5pm Naranjos 1 (covering Penthouse 1 to 7, Naranjos 7 & 8, Villa Janas) – […]

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Don’t Lose Your Right to Vote! Use a Proxy

As the Condado de Alhama 2017 AGM (Annual General Meeting) approcahes it is important to consider ahead of time how you will place your vote. If you are able to attend the meeting, which is being held at the CIDE Building at the Alhama Industrial Estate, then you should vote in person on the day. […]

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Condado de Alhama 2017 Annual General Meeting

Time to vote! The 2017 Annual General Meeting Approaches

Dates for the 2017 Condado de Alhama Annual General Meetings have been announced by the presidents, the dates are as follows (to be confirmed); Naranjos 1 and 2 – Saturday 21st January 2017 La Isla – Friday 27th January 2017 Jardines 1 and 2 – Saturday 28th January 2017 It is very important that all […]

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