Should the pools remain open during winter?

Shared Pool - Apartment #190546

With the summer holiday season over the pools start to become much quieter and less used. Often it’s only the pool area that is used for sun bathing and no-one swimming as the water becomes too cool for most.

Due to the Covid crisis the resort is having to disinfect all the pools twice each day to ensure they are usable and can remain open. But should we think about closing the pools and deploy the workforce elsewhere?

This is a question being asked in some communities. The suggestion is to close all the pools if they are not being used or to keep a small number open and usable, perhaps just one per community.

What are your thoughts on this, is it a good idea or would you like to see the pools kept open and usable, even if they are being used less? Leave a comment below or click the Facebook icon to visit our group and share your thoughts.

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