Serious House Fire In The Jardin’s Result in Death

Woman Rescued From House Fire on Jardin 13

On Thursday 17th November a top floor apartment on Jardin 13 was the scene of a serious house fire. The female occupant, a renting tenant in the property, was seen at the smoke filled window but was reluctant to make the climb or jump to the garden below.

Woman Rescued From House Fire on Jardin 13
Woman Rescued From House Fire on Jardin 13

As thick black smoke billowed throughout the fire engulfed apartment the young lady was seen by the painting team who are on site carrying out re-painting of the resort. Without any thought for their own safety and with the fire department not yet on site the painters used their ladders to reach the terrified woman.

In dramatic scenes that are thankfully very rare on Condado de Alhama the scared woman was coaxed down and rescued by the painting team. However, throughout the rescue and once safely on the ground the lady was hysterically screaming for help to get her ‘baby’ and everyone was fearing the worst. The young woman’s beloved pet cat was still inside the burning building.

Although the fire department had been called it would not arrive for at least 10 to 15 minutes and so concerned bystanders could only help restrain the woman from trying to reenter the burning apartment but was prevented from doing so.

Sadly, it is reported that the cat died in the blaze although the woman was the only person in the property at the time and managed to escape with a badly burned back and smoke inhalation and was taken to hospital but has been released today, Saturday the 19th November.

Paintimg Team Rescue a Woman From House Fire
Paintimg Team Rescue a Woman From House Fire

Onlookers who witnessed this event unfold have expressed praise for the painting team to responded so quickly and managed to prevent further injury to the trapped occupant with some suggesting that could have resulted in her death.

Once the local fire department had arrived on site they were assisted by the Condado de Alhama security team who escorted them straight to the blaze. The condition of the apartment has been described as ‘destroyed’ by it’s owners and at the time of writing this it was unclear whether the damage was covered by any insurance.

Photos were taken by Paul Stephens.


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