Securitas Security Report for Condado de Alhama 2017

Securitas Security Report for 2017 - Condado de Alhama Golf Resort

Securitas at Condado de Alhama

The 2017 Securitas security incident report for Condado de Alhama Golf Resort now available. The report was published on 22nd January by the board of presidents and can be downloaded from the Community of Owners Website.

A link to the report is provided at the footer of this article.

On the one hand the report shows that the on-site security team managed by Securitas provided residents and visitors with a valuable service but on the other hand some of the incidents they responded to may cause alarm with some people.

The document, which was prepared by the contracted security company Securitas, outlines the objectives that the report hopes to cover and included the presentation of statistical information for the type of incidents reported, remarkable performances and a summary of the challenges expected for the coming year.



The chart below gives a breakdown of the type of incidents the security team have responded to between 01/01/2017 and 31/12/2017. No further explanation of what each category covers was provided and there has been an over-reliance on reporting incidents generally as ‘Security Incident’.

Securitas Security Report for Condado de Alhama
In total there were 742 incidents reported by subcategory.

To further analyse the data, a breakdown of incidents was provided showing the sub type of incidents. These are more or less self-explanatory but again there has been an over reliance on classing incidents generally under an ‘others’ category.

The report does acknowledge that reporting must get better and more focus made on the true incident type.

Securitas Security Report for Condado de Alhama
In total there were 1129 incidents reported by category.

Remarkable Performances

It was noted that during 2017 the Condado security team demonstrated a high level of professionalism which contributed to remarkable performances. The team was indeed called upon to some serious incidents where they had to deal with violence, possession of drugs and burglary theft.

The report does unfortunately highlight a stabbing in El Puerto de La Cata in addition to aggressive drunk people, assaults on security personnel and incidents described as ‘gender based violence’.

While these types of serious incidents are still rare and account for a small part of the overall statistics, it is reassuring to know that the resort has a security team well equipped to deal with this type of crime.

The report goes on to highlight other performances of note, including assisting with Health Emergencies and the arrival of emergency services, Collaboration with FCSE to detain criminal offenders and drug dealers found to be living at Condado and dealing with Traffic Accidents and helping owners with small maintenance auxiliary tasks.


Challenges in 2018

In the final section of the report Securitas outline what they feel are going to be their challenges for the year ahead. Among the challenges noted is training for the Security Team on using the systems installed by Cable Murcia and this is also something that owners are being asked to consider in the forthcoming AGM, whether to use the camera system to penalise speeding drivers and in which way.

Also noted is Improvement of Equipment to include portable fences in the event of control barrier failure, provision of computer equipment for receiving/sending incidents and the creation of an email account that will be monitored 24 hours a day every day.

Finally, Securitas mentions that they need to improve communications with the Security Committee and Adminburgos, translate the security protocols to English and improve how incidents are reported and categorised

It’s clear from this report that the security team are called for a wide variety of reasons and that Condado de Alhama experiences low level crime land anti-social behaviour just like anywhere else.

The full report can be downloaded from the Condado de Alhama Community of Owners website

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