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Volunteer Responders Needed

Condado Primary Response are a team of volunteers who give their time to provide a first point of contact medical assistance to all residents and visitors to Condado de Alhama.

Unfortunately since late last year this project has been suspended as there has not been enough volunteers willing to become Responders, or Buddies, to cover on a full time basis. Since then, there has been several calls to attract people to volunteer for this worthy cause and recently some have been showing interest in becoming part of the CPR team.

In the last few days Lynn Simpson, who continues to drive this project, has made the following announcement about Condado Primary Response;

“I have received a small interest in some people who wish to help. The fact remains the same we have no problem raising money, we do however need responders. There will be another meeting in the next few weeks and from the response to that meeting, a decision will be made for the future of this service.

As always thank you to the few who continue to wish to help, your kind thoughts and efforts are admirable, and much appreciated. THANK YOU VERY MUCH”

Anyone interested in joining Condado Primary Response team should contact Lynn at info@cprcondado.com, or via the CPR Facebook Page; https://www.facebook.com/cprcondado/

Until such a time that Condado Primary Response is revived, please remember that in the event of a Medical Emergency – CALL 112

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