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Reminder of the Security Access Protocol for Condado de Alhama

In the summer of last year the Condado de Alhama Security Committee, which meets monthly with security company Securitas, announced some changes to the way vehicles are to enter the resort.

The new security access protocol was intended to tighten security by having a closer control over who is entering the complex and which vehicles are authorised to use the automatic entry system. When approaching Condado de Alhama visitors to the resort are now directed straight to the Cañadas (Al Kasar) security gate to gain access.

Visitors to Condado de Alhama are directed towards Al Kasar

The new protocol was implemented in November 2017 and after some initial teething issues has remained in place since.

At the 2018 Annual General Meeting item 6.3 asked owners for approval to make the changes permanent. The new security protocol was approved by the majority and will now remain in place indefinitely.


Here is a reminder of the Security Access Protocol issued by the Board of Presidents;


Car registrations for all visitors’ vehicles will be cancelled on 31st October 2017 and all visitors will be asked to update their details from this date.

All visitors or vehicles entering Condado that are not registered on our security system will have to enter via the main security entrance (Cañadas) adjacent to the Al Kasar and La Isla entrance.

At the point of entry visitors will be required to produce photo ID and state the purpose for which they are visiting Condado and provide the necessary details to security.

If the vehicle contains any cats or dogs, then the owner must produce documentation to show that the animal is “chipped” and is fully inoculated in accordance with Spanish Law. Failure or refusal to comply will result in that vehicle being refused admission to the resort.

Upon completion of the registration process, each vehicle will be issued with a visitor’s card and instructed to display this card on the front windscreen.

On leaving Condado they must exit via the visitor lane, where they will be stopped and must return the visitor’s card.

Note: Visitors wishing to enter La Isla will also be required to register first at the Cañadas gate (adjacent to Al Kasar).

In addition, to allow us to refresh the security system, ALL OWNERS, RENTERS and EMPLOYEES of a registered company who have a vehicle and/or pet registered on the system will be required to update this information before 30th November 2017, the date when all current car registrations will be cancelled.

  • Owners: Will be required to provide updated information of vehicles and pets. Vehicles will be registered on the system for a maximum of 12 months, after which this information must be renewed.
  • Renters-Tenants: Will be required to provide updated information of vehicles and pets and also show a valid rental agreement for the property. Vehicles will be placed on the system for a maximum of 12 months or the length of their agreement, whichever is shortest, after which this information must be renewed.
  • Employees of registered companies: Will be asked via their employer to provide updated information of vehicles. Vehicles will be placed on the system for a maximum of 6 months or the length of their contract, after which this information must be renewed.
  • Rental cars: It is important that rental cars are registered separately to ensure they are not allowed to return with new users and given automatic access to Condado. They will be registered for a maximum of 2 weeks or the lease period specified if shorter.

After 30th November 2017, any car not registered will initially enter as a visitor until it can be registered under one of the other categories, if appropriate.

Owners and tenants can register their car details by visiting the Administration office or emailing alhama@admiburgos.com to request a form.


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