Public WiFi Available at Al Kasar

Visitors to Al Kasar commercial center have always been able to access some free wifi provided by individual establishments.

The plan was always to enable connectivity for everyone but in reality users found the system disjointed and probably not as seamless as we would like.

This is set to change with the announcement recently that wifi services have been upgraded throughout Al Kasar and that a single network name and password will be used to get connected.

Hopefully this will improve everyone’s internet experience a means you have absolutely no reason not to Like, Recommend, Review or share your comment on social media to let your followers know just how wonderful this place is! 🙂

To get connected, use the following network and password.

  • Username: Condado_Public
  • Password: Condado123

If you experience any issues try moving to a different location within Al Kasar as it may be an issue with the wifi repeater nearest to you – try asking at the bars or restaurant to see if it is their equipment having temporary problems.

If you and others still cannot connect to the internet service please report it at internet


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