Preventing Toilet Blockages

how top prevent toilet blockages

Notice from Admiburgos about toilet blockages

how top prevent toilet blockages

You are reminded not to flush anything down the toilets other than toilet paper.

Often serious blockages occur in the main pipes as a result of people flushing items down toilets that should be disposed of elsewhere. Items such as sanitary towels, cotton buds, wet wipes, baby nappies, plastic bags and even grout or cement have all been discovered in recent blockages.

You are advised to dispose of all other items into a bin and disposed of them correctly.

Cost of leak damage repair

Causing blockages to the main popes in this way could result in water leakage to both upstairs and downstairs apartments of your own property and that of neighbours.

Resulting damage where this type of blockage is discovered will be passed back to the owner of the property whenever possible, including any repair costs of neighbouring properties affected.

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