On the weekend proceeding the 9th February 2018 the Annual General Meeting was held in the function room at The Condado Club where the results of the Presidential elections were collected.

Here is a complete list of all elected Level 3 Presidents and Vice Presidents for each community along with their official email address.

Area Email L2 Position Name
Jardin1 JA1@condadoalhama.com J1 President Neil Simpson
  JA1VP@condadoalhama.com J1 Vice President Karen Louise Simpson
Jardin2 JA2@condadoalhama.com J1 President Charlie Walton
  JA2VP@condadoalhama.com J1 Vice President David Turner
Jardin3 JA3@condadoalhama.com J1 President Jeff Hodge
Jardin4 JA4@condadoalhama.com J1 President Michael Parsons
  JA4VP@condadoalhama.com J1 Vice President Lesley Parsons
Jardin5 JA5@condadoalhama.com J1 President David Re Soriano
  JA5VP@condadoalhama.com J1 Vice President Lesley Davis
Jardin7 JA7@condadoalhama.com J2 President Francisco Javier Benito
  JA7VP@condadoalhama.com J2 Vice President Mark Underhill
Jardin 8 JA8@condadoalhama.com J2 President Jose Angel Escrig
Jardin 9 JA9@condadoalhama.com J2 President Jose Luis Gil Mendez
  JA9VP@condadoalhama.com J2 Vice President Luis Javier G Laria
Jardin 10 JA10@condadoalhama.com J2 President Bob Whitty
  JA10VP@condadoalhama.com J2 Vice President Maria V Fernández
Jardin 11 JA11@condadoalhama.com J2 President John Pitman
JA11VP@condadoalhama.com J2 Vice President Bob Whitty
Jardin 12 JA12@condadoalhama.com J2 President Federico Mesa Suarez
JA12VP@condadoalhama.com J2 Vice President Leigh Warman
Jardin 13 JA13@condadoalhama.com J2 President Martina Lynch Alwell
Jardin 13 JA13VP@condadoalhama.com J2 Vice President Paul Clements
JA13VP@condadoalhama.com J2 Vice President Jose Peña Redondo


Area Email L2 Position Name
Naranjos 3 NA3VP@condadoalhama.com N2 Vice President Christine Hanstveit
Naranjos 4 NA4@condadoalhama.com N2 President Mark Ambridge
NA4VP@condadoalhama.com N2 Vice President Caroline Jones
Naranjos 5 NA5@condadoalhama.com N2 President Marc Tims
Naranjos 6 NA6@condadoalhama.com N2 President Sandra Cox
Naranjos 7 NA7@condadoalhama.com N1 President Peter Beatt
NA7VP@condadoalhama.com N1 Vice President Jim Hershaw
Naranjos 8 NA8@condadoalhama.com N1 President Ellen Meland


Area Email L2 Position Name
Penthouse 1 PE1@condadoalhama.com N1 President John Stuttard
Penthouse 2 PE2@condadoalhama.com N1 President José Lanciego
Penthouse 3 PE3@condadoalhama.com N1 President Benito Cerón García
Penthouse 4 PE4@condadoalhama.com N1 President Sandra Collins
Penthouse 5 PE5@condadoalhama.com N1 President Juan Lorente Garcia
Penthouse 6 PE6@condadoalhama.com N1 President Ian Lawson
Penthouse 7 PE7@condadoalhama.com N1 President Michael D French
Penthouse 8 PE8@condadoalhama.com N2 President Geoffrey Eccleston
Penthouse 9 alhama@admiburgos.com N2 President Inmolofer, S.L.
Penthouse 10 PE10@condadoalhama.com N2 President Lisbeth Pentelius
Penthouse 11 PE11@condadoalhama.com N2 President Jonathan A Faulkner
Penthouse 12 PE12@condadoalhama.com N2 President James Laird
Penthouse 13 PE13@condadoalhama.com N2 President Arvid Sjo
Penthouse 14 PE14@condadoalhama.com N2 President Brian Coyle
Penthouse 15 PE15@condadoalhama.com N2 President Brian Walter Tomes
Penthouse 16 PE16@condadoalhama.com N2 President Mark Needham


Villa Janas
Area Email L2 Position Name
Villas 2 VJ2@condadoalhama.com N1 President Ian Whyte
VJ2VP@condadoalhama.com N1 Vice President Julie Ann Hardaker
Villas 11 VJ11@condadoalhama.com N1 President Svein Erik Gulbrandsen


La Isla
Area Email L2 Position Name
La Isla 1 LaIsla1@condadoalhama.com La Isla President William Feely
La Isla 2 LaIsla2@condadoalhama.com La Isla President Steve Smith
La Isla 3 LaIsla3@condadoalhama.com La Isla President Chris King
LaIsla3VP@condadoalhama.com La Isla Vice President Gerry Northfold
La Isla 4 LaIsla4@condadoalhama.com La Isla President Lisbeth Pentelius
La Isla 5 LaIsla5@condadoalhama.com La Isla President Andrew Ferry
La Isla 6 LaIsla6@condadoalhama.com La Isla President Nigel Howson
LaIsla6VP@condadoalhama.com La Isla Vice President Andrew Stevens
La Isla 7 LaIsla7@condadoalhama.com La Isla President Carmen Cordon
LaIsla7VP@condadoalhama.com La Isla Vice President Matthew Belcher
La Isla 8 LaIsla8@condadoalhama.com La Isla President Mark Hudson
LaIsla8VP@condadoalhama.com La Isla Vice President Debra Holt

La Isla 9

LaIsla9@condadoalhama.com La Isla President Andy Watkiss
LaIsla9VP@condadoalhama.com La Isla Vice President Lisbeth Pentelius
LaIsla9VP@condadoalhama.com La Isla Vice President Debra Holt
La Isla 10 LaIsla10@condadoalhama.com La Isla President Steve Simmons
LaIsla10VP@condadoalhama.com La Isla Vice President Jennifer Mary Jamieson
La Isla 11 LaIsla11@condadoalhama.com La Isla President Nicholas Bates


The elected Level 3 Presidents have elected the following people to represent their communities as Level 2 Presidents.

Level 2 Presidents
Level 2 President Vice President Vice President Email
Naranjos 1 Ian Whyte Peter Beatt Benito C Garcia Nivel2-na1@condadoalhama.com
Naranjos 2 Alan Burge Mark Ambridge Nivel2-na2@condadoalhama.com
Jardin 1 Neil Simpson Nivel2-ja1@condadoalhama.com
Jardin 2 Federico Mesa Bob Whitty Francisco J Bento Nivel2-ja2@condadoalhama.com
La Isla Andy Watkiss Steve Simmons Nivel2-LaIsla@condadoalhama.com


The elected Level 2 Presidents have elected the following person to represent the whole community as Level 1 President.

Level 1 President
President Level 1 Vice President Email
Alan Burge Ian Whyte Nivel1@condadoalhama.com