Poor Condition of Utility Cabinets Cause Concern

Poor Condition of Utility Cabinets
Poor Condition of Utility Cabinets

A resident has taken to Facebook today to express concern over the state of electricity boxes in the Naranjos area and explained that the issue has caused him to take the matter up with the site Administrator, Mileniun Levante.


Svein Erik Gulbrandsen posted the following;

I have sent an email to Mileniun Levante today regarding the lot of doors on the electric cabinets which have “fallen” off.

I assume that it is only I that get offended by this. The email goes as following:

Please find enclosed pictures taken the last days of doors for electric and water supply cabinets in Naranjos. I sincerely hope that measures are taken to refit these doors as soon as possible. Please be aware that a lot of these cabinets are within reach for small children as well as anybody else, and severe damage may occur.

I have observed that this is not a problem occurred the last days. This is a general problem in Condado. The reason is obvious; the doors are not closed and secured properly, and the inspectors from the electric company and water supply company do not care to close the doors properly when having been inside. There are simple door locks, but these do not work when the doors are not properly closed.

Why are some doors locked with proper pad locks and other not?

This is not only a safety problem, it looks ugly and is an ascetic problem as well. This is not the way we want our resort to look.

I assume that Mileniun Levante as our administrator is the correct addressee for this issue, and will take action towards electric and water supply companies. Furthermore we have to expect that Mileniun Levante will follow up and take immediate action in the future when such incidents occur.

Let us hope the nobody dies before the problem is solved.

The state of the resorts upkeep affects us all, if you agree with Mr Gulbrandsen and have noticed a similar poor state of maintenance to the Electricity and Water meter cabinets, remember to engage your Level 3 president to notify them of the issue and also consider making contact with Mileniun directly, just as Mr Gulbrandsen has done.

The cost to replace each door is 46 Euros so it is in all owners interests to ensure that these facilities are well maintained by anyone with access and to ensure that minor damage is reported to prevent total replacement being necessary.

As you can see from the photo’s below taken by Mr Gulbrandsen and provided to Mileniun Levante, the condition is certainly below an acceptable standard.

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