Palm Tree Falls at Al Kasar

Fallen Palm Tree at Al Kasar

Fallen Palm tree at Al Kasar smashes into the window of the Spar supermarket.

Fallen Palm Tree at Al Kasar
Photo by Russell Peacock via Facebook

The palm lined terraces of Al Kasar make for a very relaxing environment to enjoy the summer sunshine while eating or drinking at your favorite bar or restaurant, but yesterday the palms became a menace!

In the afternoon a Palm came crashing down into the Spar Supermarket window. It’s believed that no-one was hurt in the incident, which is a miracle given the size of the tree and fact that it’s one of the resorts busiest time of year.

It it not known at this stage what caused the greet to break at the base, some are suggesting a Palm Weevil Tree Disease may be to blame and are questioning whether other palms might be affected.

Palm Weevil Tree Disease is where Weevil Larvae excavate holes in the tree base that canteen upto a meter in length causing the trunk to become weak. Over the last two years Palms throughout Spain have been affected by this problem with many being lost or damaged.

If you were there when this happened, please get in touch with the Admin and tell us what you saw.

We have emailed Mileniun about this incident to find out what the cause was and whether more trees might be affected. Once we have a response this page will be updated.

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