New Security Contract is Awarded to Grupo Control

Grupo Control Awarded Security Contract at Condado de Alhama Golf Resort

Grupo Control Awarded Security Contract at Condado de Alhama Golf Resort

New Security Contract Awarded

Following a long selection process the Board of Presidents have announced that Grupo Control have been awarded the new security contract at Condado de Alhama Golf Resort.

The tender process started before the summer when a ‘request for information’ (RFI) was sent to over 1400 companies registered with the National Police. Out of all those contacted just 18 companies responded with a completed RFI and after a review of these just 6 moved forward in the process.

A full tender pack was sent to each company and following site visits and further review just two companies were deemed to be suitable; this included our existing security provider Securitas and Grupo Control.

On the 5th November each company was invited to present their best price. The Security Committee considered the two options and working with the Board of Presidents and EGM was held on Saturday 17th November to agree a new security provider for the resort.

As a result of the tender process Grupo Control were selected to provide security services to Condado de Alhama Golf Resort for the next 5 years. The Board of Presidents felt the Grupo Control bid was in line with current costings and were the best security provider to meet our current and future needs in keeping the resort protected.

Securitas have been informed that their existing tenure will expire on 31st December 2018 and the new contract with Grupo Control will begin on January 1st 2019. A smooth transition between providers is expected with existing security personnel being invited to move over to Grupo Control which is a requirement under Spanish law.

About Grupo Control

Head Quartered in Madrid, Grupo Control are a large security company with a turnover in excess of 50 million euros and 32 years experience.

Headquarters: Madrid, Madrid
Year founded: 1986
Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees

Specialties: Vigilancia física, Alarmas – Sistemas Anti-Intrusión, CRA, Videovigilancia, Custodia de llaves, Control de acceso y presencia, Seguridad de datos, Protección de Infraestructuras Críticas, Análisis de Riesgos, Planificación y Sistemas de Seguridad, Auditorías, Seguridad Personal, COS, Sistemas, Vigilancia, and Unidad canina






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