Adding a New Business to the Directory

Condado de Alhama based businesses are listed for free and may be updated anytime at no cost. If your business is based off-site then you may still be listed but a fee will apply. Please see the FAQ’s section below for details.

To add a new business to our directory please send an email to containing all of the detail points we have listed on the table below. Remember to attach any images, links, files, etc, that are to be included.

To update a listing at any time simply email us to discuss the changes required.

Add an Off-Site Business

Before your listing is created you will get a quote based on the information you have provided. Payments are accepted via PayPal and once your donation is received your listing will be created and added to the site within 48 hours. We reserve the right to reject a listing proposal if there is insufficient, unsuitable or inadequate information provided. 

Email to Include all items listed below.


Detail What we Need Discount
Title Your registered business name No
Business Summary A short description of your business – this will be the first thing people read so make it to the point!

Max 25 words.

Use to check word count.

Description A full detailed description of your business.

Tell us what your business does and the services you offer and your story. Provide as much information as possible and sell yourself to the person reading your company profile. Include anything you feel is useful to a prospective customer.

Feel free to talk about the people in your business, background on why or how the company started out, what you hope to achieve, etc.

Be as creative as you like in what you write – it’s your advert 🙂

Use to check word count.


Under 200 words – No

Between 200 & 500 words – 5 Euros discount

Over 500 words – 10 euros discount

Google Map Coordinates Longitude and Latitude of your business location.

Use to find this information easily.

Images Send as many high quality images as you can provide.

Resolution over 1024 x 768 is required.

Up to 8 Images – No

Over 8 Images – 5 euro discount

Videos Optional.

Provide YouTube or Vimeo links of promotional videos or videos depicting your business.

We can also accept MP4 files.

Yes – 5 euro discount
Address Your full business location address.

Must include City, Region, Postcode and Country.

Web Address Your business website URL. No
Phone Numbers List all your business contact telephone numbers.

Tell us the purpose of each, i.e. Main, Office, Mobile, Sales, Contact Name, 24 Hour Emergency, etc.

Email Addresses List all your business email addresses.

Tell us the purpose of each, i.e. Office, Info, Sales, General, etc.

Opening Hours Tell us your weekly opening hours and the days you are closed. No
Social Media Links Provide links to all your social media pages.

We can list Avivo, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Trip Advisor, Tumblr, Twitter, Urbanspoon, Vimeo, YouTube or Yelp.

If you do not have any social media but would like to have, we may be able to help you with that.

Logo Your official company logo in high quality format. No
Categories Select a category that best describes your primary business function.

Suggest a new category if a suitable one is not listed.

Registration Details Your company registration number (CIF – certificado de identificación fiscal). No

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are often asked but if you have a question that is not covered please contact us.

Can I still add my business if it is not based on Condado?
Yes. But a listing fee will apply. Additionally there are fees to update/change a listing and a yearly renewal fee.

How much is the listing fee?
We charge off-site businesses a one off 50 euros listing fee to add their business to our directory and 5 euros to make updates.

We do offer up to 20 euros in discounts if you can provide us with a more detailed information about your company and some high quality images and promotional video. We think that is fair for both sides. See the table above for details.

Condado de Alhama based businesses can be listed for free.

Can I change or update my business details once it is listed?

Updating a Condado de Alhama based businesses is free. Off-site businesses must pay a 5 Euro fee each time an update is needed.

How much are renewal fees?
Renewal fee’s are currently 20 Euros, to be paid annually by the 1st of May. A listing will be removed after this date if not renewed.
Can I just add a link to my own website?
Yes. Please get in touch to discuss this.
Why should I list my business here?
Our community is growing, in the summer over 8000 people visit the resort and those visitors will be looking for a variety of services to make their stay at Condado de Alhama a good one.

Our website is seeing more and more page views as it becomes at source of reference for anyone needing information about the resort. We are currently listed on <strong>page one</strong> of Google when anyone searches ‘Condado de Alhama’.

If your business is not listed in our Business Directory then you might be losing out on potential customers who come to this site looking for products, services, activities or places to eat and drink on or around Condado de Alhama golf resort.

Why is my business is listed even though I did not request it to be?!
If you are based on Condado de Alhama then we will automatically list any business that we become aware of.

Sometimes we may occasionally list an off-site businesses or services without being asked if we feel its inclusion is to the benefit of our visitors.

If you would like a listing removed please get in touch.