Goodbye Holiday Makers – Monday Mood Boost by Mark Needham

August 28th 2017 Edition.

Mark Needhams Monday Morning Mood Boost
Monday Mood Boost

We seem to have been saying goodbye to a lot of people over the weekend, so I guess that means the holiday season is coming to an end, certainly it seems much quieter on site, the last Saturday market has gone till next year also.

That said, the weather is turning into its usual September phase, cloudy and grey, and we have thunderstorms expected this week, looks like the weather is much better in the UK today for the last Bank Holiday before Christmas.

The big excitement this week is the arrival of the La Vuelta cycle race that finishes in Alhama tomorrow, look out for the coverage on TV, in the UK it’s available on ITV4.

Few pictures of the quiet pool and the grey weather below, wherever you are have a good week, don’t worry we will look after the place for you over the winter!

Monday Mood Boost



Monday Mood Boost

Full credit for this post goes to Mark Needham who is the Administrator of the Condado De Alhama Owners Group !! on Facebook, where these posts are originally posted.

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