Mileniun Levante Delay Handover to New Administrators

Important Notice

We have been asked to post the following message on behalf of Level 1 President Alan Burge.

After conforming that they will resign, ML have today confirmed to the interim administrator Admiburgos that they will not hand over the data, accounts and details for each garden unless instructed by the L3 president. It appears they have only just decided this and at NO POINT have communicated this to any of the presidents.

They have also decided that they will continue at L3 if presidents indicate they want ML, regardless of the recent L3 meetings where it was a unanimous decision to appoint Admibourgos. And subsequently ratified at L1 unanimously.

I have to say that I am very disappointed with the GAMES that ML now seem to be playing in trying to delay the handover and break up the resort.

I urge each of you to contact ML as L3 presidents and ensure you give power to ML to hand over the necessary data. You can email Nica copied into this email.

Again ML appear to be operating in their own best interests and not the resorts.

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