Message From L1 Alan Burge in Response to Mileniun EGM Minutes 15/05/17

Important Notice

We have been asked by Level 1 President Alan Burge to post this message to all owners of Condado de Alhama.

His message is in response to the minutes sent out by Mileniun Levante relating to the Level I Meeting held on May 15th 2017 where Mileniun’s resignation as administrators was discussed.

These minutes were sent to owners on Monday 22nd May 2017 but if you did not receive them a copy of those minutes can be found by clicking on this link.

This is the message from Alan Burge in English;

ML, I strongly disagree which the action you have just taken by issuing legal L1 meeting mins to all owners WITHOUT CONSENT, without any one having seen then first, without my signature of authority and without ANY of my comments in reply to your incorrect comments made at the meeting. THIS IS WRONG COMPELTLY.

They are inaccurate, a lie and clearly an attempt to undermine the majority of presidents.

I have a recording of the meeting that will demonstrate that this is complete fabrication having missed out any of my replies

This is complete miss-use of your position and the personal data of homeowners.

Not one comment against ML is included. All have been removed!

Please explain how you felt this was legal and acting in-line with the statues!

I am so disappointed beyond words.

This is the message from Alan Burge in Spanish;

Estoy totalmente en desacuerdo que la acción que acaba de tomar por la emisión legal L1 reunión mins a todos los propietarios SIN CONSENTIMIENTO, sin que nadie haya visto entonces primero, sin mi firma de autoridad y sin ninguno de mis comentarios en respuesta a sus comentarios incorrectos realizados en la reunión . ESTO ES INCORRECTO COMPLETAMENTE.

Son precisos, una mentira y claramente un intento de socavar la mayoría de los presidentes.

No se incluye un comentario en contra de ML. ¡Todos han sido eliminados!

Por favor, explique cómo sentía que esto era legal y actuando en línea con las estatuas!

Tengo una grabación de la reunión que demostrará que esto es una fabricación completa.
Estoy tan decepcionado más allá de las palabras.

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