Discover Lorca and the Semana Santa Parade

Lorca: the city of the sun, the city of one hundred shields… or one hundred names. Whatever you may call it, it definitely stands out for being packed with monuments: a Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque city.

Semana Santa is the Spanish name for Easter and are Holy Week traditions which take place throughout Spain. This year Semana Santa in Lorca takes place between Sunday March 25th and Saturday 31st March.

The scenes of the Old Testament are represented with large allegorical floats, impressive shots of horses and spectacular equestrian groups.

If you only go to see one Semana Santa parade, go and experience the Lorca spectacular with its famous rivalry between Paso Azul and Paso Blanco, including Chariot races.

Even outside of Semana Santa the city of Lorca is well worth a visit with it’s historic buildings, including the Medieval Castle.

It has a performing Arts Theatre called Teatro Guerra.

A beautiful Town Hall.

And some stunning Churches.

To take a short 4 minute stroll around the attractions at Lorca Semana Santa  take a moment to watch my YouTube video below. 
Lorca Semana Santa
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