Level 1 Meeting Minutes – 19-09-20

Level 1 Meeting Minutes

Owners are advised that the minutes for the Level 1 Presidents meeting held on 19th September 2020 has been published.

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In Summary

Updates on working committees

Security – Concerns about the new workings of the Alcanara security gate are to be reviewed

Gardening – A schedule is being prepared for the maintenance of pools and fences for the next 3 years.

Finance – No news

Communications – Previous meeting for August was cancelled

Aesthetics – The next phase of notifications to owners has been approved, contractors are to be advised of the new norms. Admin will prepare a report of the replies from affected owners.

Renewal of Community Insurance – Two quotes to be analysed by a working group.

Fiesta – Details of contributions for this committee has been requested.

Painting and Voids – A meeting with the architect will be organised to provide a provisional report of the open voids to evaluate impact costs.

Website Improvements – A meeting will be arranged for October.

Urban Entity – Regarding work completion certificate, a report from STV technician has been sent to the entire committee. All agreed it can be signed off.

Debtors – Will consult with level 3 presidents for improvements to procedures and sanctions.

Parking Spaces – It was noted that the numbering of spaces in the Jardines may not correctly correspond to those in the title deeds.

Update on Projects

Cable Murcia – TV returning issues resolved, aesthetics relating to installation to be addressed with Cable Murcia, list of services to be published.

Video Surveillance – Following a meeting with a preferred supplier some savings were identified by reviewing equipment specifications. A proposal is made to start works before of finalising the contract.

Help Desk Tool – Concerns arose that the tool may not be as effective as intended, deadline given for this week. New quote to be obtained by Medialx to develop an alternative system.

Pergolas – Admin to be consulted about any problems. Owners are to be provided a fixed price for replacement of pergolas in poor condition.

Replacement of Tiles – Quote for the most economical price will be accepted to paint the tiles storage container.

Trees – Declaration of responsibility has been registered.

Pharmacy – Still awaiting information to pass on to the council and pharmacy.

Replacement of pool filters – Agreed to move forward with sand replacement as budgeted for previously.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points – This was identified as an emerging requirement, a working group will need to be formed.

Signs for Dogs and Containers – Signs are being developed and quotes requested to remind owners to pick up dog excrement and CCTV is in use and that fines will be issues.

Maintenance of Sports Pitches – It’s been agreed that the community will fund repairs to privately owned sports pitches at The Condado Club due to deterioration and vandalism in return for free use by residents. The same agreement for the petanque pitches next to J13 will be sought.

Publication of Positive Covid Cases – A template will be created to pubicise confirmed positive cases of Covid-19 on site.

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