Goodbye Neil and Lynn

Two of Condado’s biggest and best known ‘characters’ have announced they are to retire from managing The Condado Club on the 4th October. Our very own Homer and Marge, aka Neil and Lynn Simpson, have said they are to retire from running the popular bar and cafe venue between Jardine 5 and 7.

The popular couple, who have previously successfully managed The Clover bar and The Skye Bar, have taken to social media to say their farewells with many people expressing their gratitude for all they have done for the resort and personally in the ten years they have been bar owners.

Lynn has reminisced about their opening night of The Condado Club almost 10 years ago, remembering advertising on the bins in the hope of attracting a hundred people but being overwhelmed at a packed venue all night. It certainly sounds like a huge success, evident by their continued popularity.

Although it might be a retirement the couple will not be going far and Neil is apparently already looking at new ventures. Who knows what that might be, not another bar surely, but whatever it is we all look forward to it.

The Condado Club will be closed for one day, the 5th October, before it reopens under new management. The new manager has been named as Audrey Don – some people might remember Audrey who has worked on Condado previously.

We would like to wish everyone concerned a bright and happy future. We cant wait to see whats in store now for The Condado Club.

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