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Giving to Good Causes


This website is funded entirely by advertising revenue and affiliate links which means that at no cost to anyone using the website, we may make a small amount of money if those links are clicked.

You will find these ads and links inside articles we post and we do our best to ensure they do not detract from the content being provided.

Here is an example of what you might see;

We feel this website is a service for the good of Condado de Alhama and will continue to operate as we have done since being launched in 2016.

Revenue received is used primarily to fund the hosting to keep this site in existence, although often even those costs are not fully met.

Despite this we have decided to offer donations from our Google ad revenue and affiliate links to several site based community projects.

By using this website and interacting with adverts or links you are now also helping to make donations to local good causes, so thank you!

Donations to Community Projects

All ad and affiliate revenue generated by this website will provide a donation to various charitable causes working to improve Condado de Alhama. On behalf of this website will donate 10% of our ad revenue to each of the following;

  • Condado Cats & Kittens TNR (10% donation)
  • Condado Dog Care (10% donation )
  • Condado Mobility Assist (10% donation )

Charitable donations will begin on revenue collected after 16th May 2019 and as often as we are receive payment from our advertisers and affiliates.

Readers are advised that often ad revenue and affiliate payments are delayed until a set amount is reached, so it can take months for a set target to be reached.

Thank you for reading. 🙂

We will make donations once we collect on any qualifying payments we receive.

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