Getting In Touch With Your Garden President

Every garden, or sub community, within the Condado de Alhama Golf Resort has an elected President. These people make up the Level 3 Presidents that together they will oversee the management of the resort.

Your President should be your first point of contact to raise any concerns, issues or to make suggestions about the garden you live on.

So how do you get in contact with your President?

The first thing to do is to find out who your garden Pesident is. Try searching this site to see if a current list of presidents has been published.

The names of elected Prsidents are distributed by the Administrator after the Annual General Meetings, which are held in January each year.

Check your emails to see if you were sent details around that time and don’t forget to look in your Junk folder in case emailed are filtered there.

Presidents are elected by other owners so it’s quite likely you know them in person and can approach them directly for a chat.

However, for those who don’t reside on site all year or perhaps do not know many of their neighbors, then you will most likely need to email your President.

Each President has their own email address and one way to find it would be to contact the Administrator, Mileniun Levante.

At the time of writing this article please bear in mind that Mileniun have resigned their position so new Administrators will be in place after May 30th 2017.

Alternatively, every owner should be on the mailing list managed by our current Administrator.  You can find your Presidents email address from these emails.

Simply open an email, go to the bottom of the message and click on Update Your Preferences.

From here you can manage all your own details but importantly, your Presidents email address is displayed at the bottom where it says Email Presidente.

Email Your Garden President

It’s also worth noting that for those of you who use Facebook, there are many groups out there which represent each garden. Try searching for yours and you will mostly likely find your President is part of you garden group and is contactable that way.

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