Free Bus to Alhama de Murcia

Bus timetable Condado de Alhama to Alhama

Another piece of good news for residents and visitors to Condado de Alhama was announced today, a free bus service to nearby Alhama de Murcia!

There is not many details about the service available yet but it has been provided by the local council and at the moment a full time table is made available by the town hall.

What we know so far is that there will be three trips throughout the day, the bus will pick up and drop off at Al Kasar and will run throughout July and August. And it is completely free!

Special Offers at Alhama de Murcia

To help make the most of your visit to Alhama de Murcia residents of Condado de Alhama have been given many special offers and promotions to use at various places around the town. Click on the link below to see the offers.


Theirs timetable has been released and is as follows.

Free Bus to Alhama de Murcia - Timetable

Free Bus to Alhama de Murcia – Timetable

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