Fish & Chips twice please!

Fish & Chips Friday at The Condado - 22 Euros

Last night was a Friday night and we decided to visit The Condado Club for food and drinks. We didn’t realise until we looked at the menu that Friday was fish & chips offer night and you could get two large battered fish, chips, peas and a bottle of wine for 22 Euros – a bargain!

For the second time in a week we chose the fish & chips and while we waited I observed the venue as we have only ever eaten here once in the atrium one lunchtime last summer after changing management.

Fish & Chips Friday at The Condado - 22 Euros
Fish & Chips Friday at The Condado – 22 Euros

The decor is really fresh and modern, the walls are a tasteful grey and coloured spotlights give a light and lively ambience. The waiting staff were friendly and are really well presented in matching white shirts, black trousers and waistcoats.

The tables are nicely decorated in place mats that match the wall decor and the cutlery and glassware is good quality and is accompanied by a cloth napkin – you can tell the management have really considered things and elevated this venue above a cafe type environment and into a more restaurant like experience.

Karaoke at The Condado Club
Karaoke at The Condado Club

A singer was performing in the corner but as it turns out It was actually karaoke night and soon a few of the seated customers began getting up and taking their turn.

Karaoke isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the last karaoke I’d been to was at The Condado Club under its old management and it wasn’t good; 11pm at the height of summer and kids were the only ones singing. This time however I’m pleased to say it was much more enjoyable experience.

As it turns out the guy we thought was the singer was actually the venue owner, Jeff, and he did a great job throughout the night of filling in when other singers weren’t forthcoming and he wasn’t too bad on the ears! 🙂

Antano Viuro Rioja Wine
Antano Viuro Rioja Wine

Our bottle of wine was delivered in an ice bucket, a bottle of Spanish white Antano Viura Rioja which was a nice and refreshing wine. The food arrived promptly after about ten minutes and I must say the portion size was definitely large as advertised.

The fish was served as one large piece and the chips were chunky and plentiful, although they were not home cut chips. Everything was a nice golden colour and looked like a really good plate of fish & chips.

My fish & chips were served with baked beans which I’m pleased was offered instead of garden peas or mushy peas. Ketchup and tartar sauce was requested and served in miniature bowls along with a Sarsons white vinegar – our meal looked really impressive.

Fish & Chips with beans at The Condado Club
Fish & Chips with beans at The Condado Club

The food was really delicious, the batter was crisp and light and the fish was a nice and tasty cod. The chips were beautifully cooked, not greasy or too dry. The beans didn’t taste like Heinz so if your beans have to be Heinz you might be disappointed.

By the time we both finished our meal there was nothing left on my plate and only a little bit of batter on my companions plate as she was struggling to finish the full meal due to its size.

Throughout the meal the karaoke continued, the wine went down smoothly and overall it was a really happy and entertaining experience.

We stayed for a couple of hours afterwards and enjoyed the singing and we could see that the fish & chips night at The Condado Club is a very popular thing and having really enjoyed the food and the evening we would definitely return again for fish & chips – and even the karaoke!

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