Exploring Caravaca de la Cruz in Murcia

Basilica Shrine of Vera Cruz

Caravaca de la Cruz is a city in the heart of Murcia province, located at the end of the RM-15 motorway past Bullas. Here are some photo’s and a short video showing some of the great attractions that discovered exploring Caravaca de la Cruz.

Basilica Shrine of Vera Cruz

Caravaca de la Cruz is a city in Murcia , it’s a major pilgrimage site, it’s home to the Basilica Shrine of Vera Cruz, with its distinctive Caravaca Cross and Baroque facade.

Running of the Wine Horses Festival

It also home of the famous Running of the Wine Horses Festival held on the 2nd May every year

Fuentes Del Marqués Park

On the town’s outskirts, a easy short walk from the center is Fuentes Del Marqués park, it has natural springs and a nature center.

Bob’s Recommendation

I can highly recommend the Wine Horse festival, or visit the area on any other day is just as enjoyable and makes a good day out

To take a short 4 minute stroll around the attractions at Caravaca de la Cruz take a moment to watch my YouTube video below. 
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