End of Summer – Monday Mood Boost by Mark Needham

October 2nd Edition.

Mark Needhams Monday Morning Mood Boost
Monday Mood Boost

First Monday in October and the sun is still shining, we have warm days, it’s super quiet and the birds are singing !

Always a pointer to the end of summer is the closure of El Faro down in the port. I am sure this is a place known to many mood boosters, great views and even better cocktails and ice creams !

It was the last open day on Saturday, and we couldn’t not go, It was busy (as always) but a great place to while away an hour or so listening to the chilled music and enjoying the atmosphere. Thought you might like a few pictures to remind of summer days..

Back on site the winter Sunday lunch season has begun, with the Golf club, Condado and back again the Skye bar, all offering traditional Sunday fare, reports to follow on each as we get round them !

Have a good week wherever you are

Monday Mood Boost

Monday Mood Boost

Monday Mood Boost

Monday Mood Boost


Full credit for this post goes to Mark Needham who is the Administrator of the Condado De Alhama Owners Group !! on Facebook, where these posts are originally posted.

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