Effective Tricks to Get Rid of Pesky Flies

Tips and Tricks for Getting Rid of Flies

There can be no doubt that Condado de Alhama is a fantastic place to spend time, it’s located in a wonderful semi rural location with majestic mountain views surrounded by Spanish countryside.

The resort shares the countryside with agricultural and farming activity and so sometimes it’s inevitable that your peace and tranquility will be disturbed by flies and other flying insect. Flies are a nuisance and are a major carrier of disease which can cause illness, so no-one wants them hanging around especially while trying to relax or eat outside.


To help deter these pests, here are some handy tricks and methods you can use to get rid of flies


1. Vodka Repellent

Flies dislike the smell of vodka so this alcohol based solution is an awesome way to help you get rid of them. Place one cup of vodka with two teaspoons of aloe vera juice and a teaspoon of organic lemon eucalyptus oil into a spray bottle. Use the spray in all areas where there are flies, apply it to all surfaces where they might land. You can use this solution on your skin to discourage them from landing on you. Keep away from children 🙂

2. Lemon Stuffed with Cloves

Lemons Stuffed with Cloves to get Rid of Flies

Place whole cloves into half of a lemon, squeeze as many cloves into the flesh as you can. Leave the lemon in a bowl in areas where flies persist, this technique is useful for indoor and outdoor use. if dining outside try leaving the bowl out at least 30 minutes beforehand to eat fly free.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Trap

Apple Cider Vinegar Trap to Get id of Flies

A simple home made fly trap can be made easily using household ingredients.

Fill a bowl with apple cider vinegar to about three quarters of the way and add a drop of dish washing soap. Flies will be tempted by the trap and the soap creates a firm surface they can land on but they will eventually fall into the vinegar and perish. Remove all other temptations from the area so the pests will focus on the trap! As an alternative method, cover the bowl with cling film and pierce several times making sure the holes are not too big.

4. Fragrant Herbs

Aromatic and fragrant hers such as basil, mint and lavender are all herbs that will deter flies. If you are unable to grow your own herbs for this purpose you can use a dried form inside a cloth which you can place around affected areas.

5. Coins in Water

Coins in a Bag to Get Rid of Flies

A popular method of deterring flies is to place copper coins in water. Place about 4 or 5 coins in a glasses of water and leave them in areas in danger of attracting flies. You can also place water into a clear food bag and add coins then hang them in areas of sunlight. Its not known exactly why flies hate pennies in water but some suspect they fear it is a much bigger and more dominant creature looking at them.


This is just a few of the useful tricks and methods that you can use to rid your home and garden of nuisance flies.

Many more useful and effective methods for getting rid of flies will be added in the coming days and weeks so keep checking this page. Leave comments below to tell us which methods work best for you, or where in the local area you can buy some of the ingredients mentioned in this article.


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