Easter Holiday Washout!

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Firstly let me sincerely apologise for anyone who came out for Easter holidays and were expecting good weather! What a damp and grey weekend we have had, never seen the like of rain as we had on Saturday, a lot of local flooding and the 12th on the golf course acquired a new water hazard !

The wet weather also affected the Easter parades with many of them being cancelled or severely curtailed, the fabulous resurrection parade in Alhama on Sunday was sadly cancelled, although some of the large icons did make a brief appearance later, it’s very sad for all those involved not being able to undertake this annual religious spectacle.

Despite the current gloomy weather, interesting to read recently on MurciaToday how many new expats are moving into the region, you only have to talk to people on site to have them tell you either they have already moved out here full time or plan to do so in the future !

A recent publication by the Spanish government statistics unit, showed that the Spanish “Padron” population rose last year by almost 285,000 to 47,007,367. These figures evidence that this increase in population is due entirely to more non-Spaniards living in the country, with the total rising by 290,000 to 5,025,264, or 10.7 per cent of the population, and that despite the uncertainty over Brexit the figure for UK nationals also rose by 6,000, or 2.5 per cent during the year.

It is an interesting reflection of how things have changed over the last 20 years in our Costa Cálida region, in 1998, when comparable figures were first published, the total number of Britons in Murcia was ONLY 535, but by 2011 the total had swollen to over 23,000 !

I am sure all the ex pats looked with envy at the UK and its sunshine over this Easter weekend, but we have the advantage of knowing, the sun will be back soon and a storming summer here is guaranteed!

A few pictures to finish as usual and wishing you all a great week !

Marks Mood Boost - Condado de Alhama Owners Group on Facebook

Post credit: Mark Needham

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