Hi, not sure if this is the right area for the post but is there any reliable directions to and from the new airport in Corvera?

Question from Mr Phil Turle

Hello Phil, thanks for getting in touch.

Here are some directions from Corvera Airport to Condado de Alhama. If you find these useful why not install our mobile app on your phone using the link below?

These directions plus more more will be available to you and your guests at the touch of a button!

Corvera Airport to Condado de Alhama

  1. Leave the airport via the RM-16 crossing four roundabouts until you reach the RM-601.
  2. Take the RM-601 towards Fuente Alamo.
  3. At the roundabout take the second exit towards Fuente Alamo.
  4. Continue straight along the RM-601 towards Fuente Alamo. Note the ‘unusual’ roundabout.
  5. Continue to the next roundabout and take the first exit onto the RM-2/A 7 slip road towards Alhama de Murcia.
  6. Follow the slip and merge with the RM-2.
  7. Continue on the RM-2 for approx. 21 km.
  8. Look out for sign for RM23 Mazarron/MU603 El Palmar at Junction 4 – take this exit. 
  9. Go right round the roundabout to the last exit (3rd exit) which is signposted RM-23 Mazarron.
  10. Take second exit off RM23 (exit number 5) signposted for Condado de Alhama
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