Security Take Ownership of Defibrillators

Contact Security in the Event of a Medical Emergency on Condado de Alhama
Portable defibrillators are available from the on-site security team.
Portable defibrillators are available from the on-site security team.

The defibrillators that were funded by donations and purchased by Condado Primary Response have now been donated to the on site Security team since the postponement of the Condado Primary Response service.

Since there is currently no alternative emergency cover on Condado de Alahama in the event of a medical emergency to are advised to call 112 immediately.

Once an ambulance has been called you should then contact Condado de Alhama Security on one of the following numbers:

  • Tel: 0034 968 328 027
  • Mob: 0034 618 080 585

The security team are available 24/7 so you can call at at any time of the day. They are trained to use the defibrillators if they are needed and will assist in directing emergency services to you when they arrive on site.

It is important to point out that the security team are not a replacement for Condado Primary Response (CPR) but are available to offer assistance should an emergency arise.

And remember that this summer the community can use the services of the Medical Center at Al Kasar. Don’t forget to collect a medical card from Mileniun Levante if you think you might need to need medical help while staying at Condado de Alhama.

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