Debtors – Time is Ticking!

Owner Debt in Spanish Community

The resort President has recently expressed concerns that owner debt is not reducing quickly enough and is worried that new debtors are not facing court.

Admiburgos were appointed as permanent resort Administrators in a vote by owners at the 2018 AGM and were noted for having a robust plan of action in other resorts in tackling debt. It would be disappointing to paying owners if debt levels have not been reduced in the year since they took office, especially as the administrator and Board of Presidents were given a mandate to act.

The good news is that action is being taken against debtors but the process is slow.

In the forthcoming AGM’s taking place between February 15th to the 17th owners debt will be discussed again and all owners eligible to vote will be asked to approve court action against this years new debtors. Debt to the community is a concern for many and has been discussed on numerous occasions in the past so we are sure all responsible owners will agree to do whatever they can to take action against non-payers.

Are You Behind With Your Fees?

The message to any owner who is in debt to the community is to arrange a satisfactory payment plan, otherwise time is ticking for action against you. Pay up or pay the price.


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