Covid-19 Updates: Condado de Alhama

Covid-19 updates for Condado de ALhama

16th September 2020 – Another positive case of Covid-19 has been reported bringing the total cases to 3. Alhama council confirmed 10 new cases in the municipality.

14th September 2020 – A new case of positive Covid-19 is reported, bringing the number of cases on site to two. Alhama de Murcia council yesterday confirmed 13 new cases in the municipality. It also published the fact that there have been 69 positive cases in the municipality in the last 14 days

8th September 2020 – A resident at Condado de Alhama has tested positive for Covid 19. This is the first reported case.

Covid-19 Safety

Residents and visitors to site must follow government advice at all times. Wear masks and maintain distance as instructed.

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