Condado de Alhama Site Rules

Condado de Alhama Site Rules

In order to maintain a good standard of community within Condado de Alhama a set of 10 site rules were set out, in accordance to the statutes of the development.

It is vitally important that all owners are aware of these rules and respect them. Additionally, owners who rent their property long term or as a holiday let must ensure their tenants are aware of the site rules and also abide by them.

Failure to comply with the rules could result in prosecution, as per Article 9 below.

An up to date copy of the site rules is always available on the community website maintained by the board of presidents but for your convenience the 10 rules are provided below.

This information is provided without any changes or edits and exactly as they were presented to owners on 28th May 2011.


Site Rules for Condado de Alhama

Explanatory memorandum

The need to regulate the use and enjoyment of common areas and services, along with the magnitude dimensional “Condado de Alhama Golf Resort”, and the high number of owners and families make it necessary for the adoption of basic standards governing the coexistence and proper use and enjoyment of those elements and Complex common services.

These rules have been developed in accordance with The Level 1 Statutes. And are issued to compliment and clarify the Statutes.

The adoption of these standards must be carried out by the General Board of Proprietors.

These rules are binding to:

– All Owners and Persons with which they coexist

– Authorised Tenant

– Persons occupying properties with Owners Permission.

– Guests and Visitors

They should be secured at all times to Rules and resolutions adopted by the General Board of Proprietors. In the case of owners who ignore these rules, and do not respect these obligations, the General Board of Proprietors. may act under the provisions of the Horizontal Property Act Law 49/1960 ( 21 July) Article 7

Article 1 Obligations of good neighbourhood

The obligations of any owner, lessee, user, guest and in general for all people making use of common area’s and services.

a) Respect the general facilities of the Complex and other common elements, making appropriate use of them at all times and avoidinginjury and damage

b) Keep in a good condition own housing and attachments, andlocality as appropriate, as well as their custodial facilities Preventing damage, or injury to other owners. Must compensate for damages caused by their own neglect or for persons they are responsible for.

c) Consent to his house, annexes or local the necessary easements required for the repair of services or common elements, as well as creating new ones, so having the entitlement that the resort will compensate them for any damages.

d) Observe due care in the use of services and facilities and their relationships with the other owners, and to account for violations and damage

e) Respect silence in the night, avoiding activities that disturb between 24.00 h hand 08.00 h.

Article 2. Pets

Besides the content contained in Statues Level 2, (art. 5 bis C about the specific prohibition of potentially dangerous animal possession and other dispositions) Owners who have Dogs, Cats or other Pets on the Complex are subject to the following:

a) Dogs must always be kept under control, they must be kept on a leash in gardens, streets and public areas.

c) Avoid that these dogs or cats make their physical needs in gardens, communal areas of the complex as well as in other private housing

d) Dogs or cats must be in possession of the relevant health certification.

e) The owner must prevent the dog barking during the hours of rest.

f) The entry or stay of pets inside the pool area is strictly forbidden, except for guide dogs.

g) It is expressly forbidden to feed stray dogs and cats that wander around the complex.

The Board, in addition to imposing appropriate sanctions for breach of these rules, will notify to the municipal services for the collection of animals hat do not meet those requirements.

Article 3. Rules for swimming pool areas.

The safety of users of the pool is the responsibility of the individual, Parents / Guardians are responsible for children under 12 in their care. Given the risks to Persons health and safety, Swimming Pools and adjacent areas are common facilities that require special attention by the users and the community therefore the following rules apply:

a) All users of the pool MUST use the shower before swimming.

b) Babies must wear diapers at all times.

c) Children under 12 years must always be accompanied by an adult.

d) All bathers are obliged to wear appropriate swimwear (Topless Prohibited).

e) Inflatable’s must not be used. (Swimming Aids are permitted)

f) Ball Games in perimeter of the pool are prohibited.

g) Animals are Prohibited

h) Use of glass, glass bottles, and dishes are prohibited.

i) Food and Barbecues are prohibited

j) Dangerous games in the Pool are prohibited.

k) Smoking is prohibited.

l) Excessive Noise is prohibited (Stereo headphones should be used)

m) Use of Sun beds between 22:00 hours and 09:00 Hours

n) Use of sunshades is not allowed on grass areas

Pool open hours are 09:00 h – 23:00 h, respecting the maintenance works of the pools.

Article 5. Refuse collection, waste, household goods and clothing.

For the correct operation of these services, avoiding a disruption that will result in odour problems and unsanitary conditions, in addition to lack of aesthetics, it shall meet the following standards:

a) The garbage shall be deposited in containers provided, and enclosed in plastic bags or other similar system.

b) Residues and waste must be deposited in the appropriate container,depending on the type of material. It being forbidden to deposit it in different containers.

c) Litter bins must not be used for household garbage bags.

d) The household collection service is provided on a scheduled basis, so the resident who wants to get rid of furniture or any other goods must inform the administrator. The administrator must be informed about the type of goods and size, and also the address of the owner. Later the administrator will inform to the owner about the day, hour and place of the collection. In this way, it is prohibited to deposit belongings or furniture in areas of common use. Likewise, it is prohibited to deposit on the containers or beside them, unless given the nature and volume, this is the place indicated by the company providing the service.

e) The remains of pruning may be placed inside the trash containers. However, not large amounts of debris at once. Also, it must be deposited in bundles to occupy the lowest possible volume in the container. The board is able to change the time and frequency of service, in response to the needs of the Neighborhood.

Article 6. Security, vehicles and parking

a) Owners are prohibited from parking of any vehicle outside of areasfor that purpose.

b) When a house is assigned a Parking space which is numbered, noother vehicle should use that space without the owner’s permission.

c) Marked Disabled Parking spaces must only be used by DisableIdentified Vehicle

d) Visitors and employees must park their vehicles in designated areas.

e) It is obligatory to observe the traffic signals

f) Washing the vehicles in common areas is forbidden

Article 7. Works or elements affecting the Private Aesthetics

All actions relating to works and aesthetic modifications are contained in:

a) Statutes Level 1, Article 9.

b) Statutes Level 2, Article 5 B.

c) The General Meeting Minutes of May 30, 2008.

d) Amendments adopted by the Board of Proprietors of the community.

Article 8 Works in Private Elements

Any community member, who needs to deposit materials on the interior roads and/or streets to work, must have permission from the Administrator before starting the work. And pay 300 € deposit which is refunded when work complete and areas restored to original condition. If area is left damaged or dirty the deposit is forfeited and the money used to repair the damage. When the repairs costs are more expensive than the funds, the owner will have to pay the difference. Materials may be deposited in the road / street but must comply for safety reasons with the following requirements:

a). The deposit must be free of sidewalks, without hinder for the transit of pedestrians

b) The area where the deposit is made, must be limited with fencing

c) Reflective signs must be placed at night for proper signalling of the existence of the materials.

d) The materials must be covered with plastic material during the hours without work, thus avoiding the drag of the material in case of rain or wind.

The administrator or any member of the Board will monitor compliance with these requirements and be able to provide guidelines for the proper performance Works and elements that affect the Aesthetics of the Urbanisation are only permitted within the current Aesthetic rules.

Article 9. Own risk Civil Penalties, Administrative and Judicial Actions.

The breach of these rules will instigate the procedure if appropriate, without prejudice to the liability that could be incurred by the infringer, and the penalties that may impose administrative authority in the field of competence.

If the offender despite being required persists in his conduct, the President, at the next General Meeting to be held, shall ask the rest of co-owners approval to exercise the prosecution, and the authorization for the granting of powers for solicitors and barristers.

Article 10. Procedures for reform and adaptation of agreement.

The modification and / or expansion of these rules must be approved by the Board of Owners, and requires a simple majority.


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