Condado de Alhama Municipal Park

New recreational part at Condado de Alhama
Photo by Condado Invest

The municipal park is located on Alhama council owned land just outside the entrance to La Isla and opposite the main security gates.

The park was built in 2018 using money awarded to the council from the Polaris administration. The funds totalled around 1.5 million euros and were given to provide services for the whole community and Alhama residents which were not realised by the development following the collapse of Polaris World.

Alhama council decided and agreed to build the municipal park, which includes recreational gardens, children’s play area, outdoor gym facilities, a flood lit football pitch, equipment storage and a kiosk intended to be a cafe.

The images below show the completed municipal park.

Here are some photos of the park being constructed.

The park was developed throughout 2018 and completed the following year, however, concerns about construction have resulted in the park being closed until remedial works are completed.

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