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First ATM cash machine arrives on Condado!

If you have not been to Al Kasar today then you will be in for a surprise when you do – Condado de Alhama’s very first ATM cash machine has arrived today!

Cash Machine at Condado de Alhama
Photo Credit Russell Peacock

It’s been a very long time coming, having an cash machine on site to withdraw money has been at the top of the list of requirements for many people. This facility will save anyone living or holidaying at the resort the hassle of going into either Camposol, Alhama de Murcia or Mazzaron to find the nearest Banks with ATM machines.

The ATM machine is situated at the Costa Calida Quality Homes office at Al Kasar. What we know at the moment is the machine is being provided and operated by Euronet Worldwide, an independent provider not tied to any one bank.

All cards will be accepted with a small charge for each withdrawal, charges are expected to be between 0.60 cents to 0.75 cents for Visa and MasterCard customers. Higher charges will apply to non-Euro accounts according to currency rates.

At the time of writing this there is NO CASH in the machine, it is not yet active and is awaiting police approval. This page will be updated once we hear the ATM is active.

UPDATE: As of the 8th September the ATM cash machine is fully functional.

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