Iberdrola to Provide Condado Customers with ‘Smart Meters’

Iberdrola Electricity Supplier

Some owners have received notification that Iberdrola are currently replacing electricity meters throughout the area, including Condado de Alhama, with new smart meters in accordance with the Ministerial Order ITC/3860/2007.

All old meters must be changed to smart meters before 31st December 2018.

Iberdrola Electricity Supplier
Iberdrola Electricity Supplier

Many Condado owners are supplied by Iberdrola and will be having their meters replaced over the coming months.

When your meter is due to be replaced Iberdrola will display notices a few days before work is to be completed.

Your new meter will be available to you just as it was before and there is not charge for the installation of the new meter or removal of the old equipment.

Rental for the new meter will cost 0.81 euros per month for single phase supplies and 1.36 euros per month for three phase supplies. You are entitled to install your own meter subject to giving prior notification to Iberdrola.

Why Are Your Electric Meters Changing?

The Ministry of Industry, Tourism and trade has decided that all traditional electric power Meters should be replaced by and electronic model that allows for time of day rates and offers a remote management capabilities, i.e, the possibility of reading the meters and changing the contract’s terms and conditions without having to be present at the customers home.

Benefits of You New Electric Meter

The new meter and remote management system will offer new features and advantages to customers,including:

  • Reduced supply down time caused by breakdowns. The source of the fault can be located quicker.
  • Faster change of contractual terms and conditions, which can be done remotely without a technician needing to visit.
  • Readings will be real-time – except for communications incidents – and invoices monthly.

Ro make the most of your new meter and remote management system you can register at http://www.iberdroladistribucion.es/consumidores to access information about your electricity consumption and any matters relating to;

  • Monitoring your daily, weekly and monthly usage.
  • Download hourly load curve and simulate your electricity bill on the CNMC website.
  • Monitoring and control of the maximum power your installation needs.
  • Real-time access to your meter, allowing reconnection to the mains isolator following an overload trip.
  • Request new supply or change your contract without leaving home.
  • Send documentation to process your requests.
  • Report fraud situations.
  • Recieve an email and text message notifying you when your new meter is included in the remote management system.

Register now by scanning this QR code from your smartphone or tablet:

Register for Iberdrola smart meter services

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