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My name is Paul and I setup OnCondado.com back in 2016 after being an owner for 3 years and realising that there was the need for a good website focusing on the resort and community news.

The sites that were around at the time that I regularly visited are now long gone, sites such as condadodealhamanews.com and condadodealhamaservices disappeared as their owners lost interest, motivation or in some cases just began to focus on Facebook. I can understand that, Facebook makes it easy to create engaging groups and pages whereas running a website can be demanding.

For me though, building and maintaining a website is interesting and rewarding in ways which Facebook is not.

I am not a professional web designer but I do have many years experience working within IT in various roles and  always within large corporate environments where I’ve had hands on experience with most modern technologies.

I’ve been interested in web designs for many years and I am self taught. I started out messing around with HTML as a hobby really and in 2009 I setup my first proper website, it was a forum for Turkish property owners. That site does not exist anymore but it gave me a good understanding of what was involved in running a website.

I can tell you, there is a lot of work involved to make successful!

In more recent years I started to learn how to build sites using WordPress, a popular blogging software platform. OnCondado.com is built using WordPress and for the main it is fairly straight forward if you have an idea what you are doing.

It’s struck me again recently that very few of the great businesses which serve our community have a good working website, most seem to concentrate on the social media groups. I guess that is mostly down to the cost involved in setting one up, ongoing maintenance and of course the time involved – its probably the last thing on your list if you are running a business!

But having a good web presence is vital for any business. Websites in particular are needed as they are accessible to everyone whereas social media is not – you have a great business and a good website can showcase what you have to offer.

I would be happy to help any of our on-site businesses get setup with a website running WordPress. I can help develop a site to be something useful to your business, show you how to connect your site to a mobile device so that adding new content is quick and easy! And I can show you how easy it is to share your great website content with your social media.

I could maintain your website for you and take care of the technical side of things so you can focus on your business and I am sure I can do this at an affordable price.

If you are interested and would like to discuss this further please get in contact using my email address below, I’d be happy to help. 🙂

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Please help us. This is a small community news website that covers everything that's going on at Condado de Alhama and the local area. We rely on views and ad clicks, so if you're a local business, we will cover your news and offers for free promotion and we will include you in our 'useful numbers' list, so please get in touch. We would be super grateful if you could link to this website from yours and for all our readers to 'like' and 'follow' us on Facebook and use the buttons below to share our posts with your newsfeed and friends. Thank you ☺

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