AVPCA Petition For Services

AVPCA Petition for Basic Services

The Asociation de Vecinos Y Proprietarios de Condado de Alhama (AVPCA) has started a petition to obtain basic services to the resort.


Anyone familiar with the resort other as a resident or a visitor will be aware that a lack of services exists to service people’s basic needs. For example, there is no permanent medical facility on site, there is no permanent council operated bus or transport service or a postal facility.

This summer has seen the welcome arrival of a medical center and fre bus to Alhama de Murcia during the months of July and August, but these are just temporary services that will mostly benefit visitors and holiday makers to the resort.

The AVPCA residents association is now petitioning for the council to provide year round services and we all need to sign and make our voice heard on this important issue.

Please take a moment to go and Sign the Petition. All you need is your house number, place or residence, email address and post code. It takes just 30 seconds but could provide our community with permanent services that we will all need.

The AVPCA argues that with 3500 homes and approximately 535 full time residents, that Condado de Alhama has a similar resident count and summer tourist season as other developments in the region such as Playa Paraiso, La Manga, where these services have been provided.

These are services which the community is entitled to under Spanish law and include but are not limited to;

– No Public transport, preventing residents from access the city center and all general public services.

– Access to health care is precarious due to lack of public transport. Emergency health services do not arrive within a satisfactory time to treat urgent cases.

– There are no simple mailbox or postal service to deliver mail, only the notification arrives.

Once you have signed please urge your family and friends to sign too, anyone who visits Condado de Alhama for any length of time. And please share this page around to get the word out about this.

The La Verdad media site has written an article bout this petition, which you can view here.

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