Al Kasar at Condado de Alhama

Al Kasar at Condado de Alhama

Al Kasar is the main commercial center of Condado de Alhama Golf resort, it is also referred to as the ‘Town Center’ or ‘commercial center’ and has many units suitable for bars, restaurants and shops.

The commercial center was opened in July 2009 and is a deviation away from the original town center that developer Polaris had in mind. Instead of ‘The Oasis’ – a massive island made of multiple Hispano-Arabic styled market squares and palm lined water features Condado de Alhama was provided with Al Kasar instead.

Enjoy Spacious Terraces at Al Kasar
Enjoy Spacious Terraces at Al Kasar

Al Kasar is a monolithic structure and is located immediately to the right as you enter through the Puerto Las Canadas security gate.

It has retained an Arabic style in keeping with the original Oasis plans having a large open water feature as a central focal point to this huge tiled square. The design offers a tranquil setting as the pool is flanked by large open terrace areas for the commercial units to utilise.

In the low season Al Kasar is quiet and spacious but in the summer months it really comes alive as people flood the terraces to eat, drink and have a good time until the early hours. Because the square is away from residential housing and enclosed on all sides noise is generally not a problem.

Chill in the Evening at Al Kasar Bar's & Restuarants
Chill in the Evening at Al Kasar Bar’s & Restuarants

Since its opening Al Kasar has attracted many thriving businesses and facilities that the community can enjoy, this includes multiple modern and stylish bars, restaurants, cafes, property services and a town hall office.

Here you will also find the on-site supermarket, a large fully stocked Euro Spar that sells a range of international branded groceries alongside Spanish brands.

Relax in the Sunshine at One of Al Kasars Cafe's
Relax in the Sunshine at One of Al Kasars Cafe’s

The attached car park at Al Kasar provides plenty of parking space for visitors from inside and outside the resort and finding a space is rarely a problem. The car park is used as the pick up and drop off point for the on site bus services, Vargas Tours or the free bus to Alhama de Murcia

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